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Subject: Duncan's lesson in life - Chapter 2 (TG - Magic)By popular demand here is Chapter 2 of Duncan's lesson in life, I will
slowly submit more if the feedback is positive.CHAPTER 2: The meetingKaren and I slowly got out of bed about 2.00pm; I was starting to develop
the nerves that sent me into crying fits earlier again, a lot of what ifs
came up. I got in the shower and washed my new body, I had no idea what to
do with my hair so I gathered it up and jammed Karen?s shower cap over my
head, I know how long it takes Karen to dry her hair and with hair as long
as mine I had no desire to try, I rejoiced in the sensations that I have
never experienced before as I ran my hands over every part of the new me,
allowing my nerves to wash away with the soap. I got out and dried myself
off. I took off the shower cap and let my hair cascade over one shoulder.
It needed a brush (too much passion messed it up a bit!), I took one of
Karen's brushes out of the drawer and ran it through my long locks. I must
admit long hair was kind of nice; it was so luxurious to brush and felt
nice as I ran my hands through it. When I finished brushing it, once again
it flowed like sheets of gold down my back.I stood in front of the mirror and took stock of myself again, I was amazed
that I had continued to change, I could no longer see any form of my male
self, I was all woman, my body shape had developed further, my waist had
narrowed and my hips had expanded, my arms and legs were slim yet well
shaped, my lips were fuller and my eyes young naturalist nud
had young naturist gallery
gone a deeper shade of green,
my face had got smaller and almost looked angelic, if I was a guy this
chick would most likely take my breath away. I was beautiful, I suppose
Chantelle could have turned me into a fat free uncensored young ugly chick, so I was pretty happy
with the new me. I smiled at my image as Karen walked in, "my god, you
look awesome; I hope your body has finished changing because I don't think
you could get anymore beautiful. She kissed my shoulder and embraced me
from behind "we'll get to the bottom of this honey, I suppose if we don't,
at least you are a great looking girl" I grunted, not young girls nude wanting her to know
how strangely happy I was with my new body. "Ok Duncan the first order of
business is young spanking
to get you dressed in clothes to suite the new you. Common,
lets have a look at my wardrobe" We walked out of the bathroom into the
Karen's wardrobe, Karen had always loved her clothes, she had outfits to
suite her young nude 14 various states of 'fat', as she called it, Karen was definitely
not a fat girl, but she always bought clothes that would accentuate her
figure, so there was no room for changes in body size, hence the various
outfits of different sizes. I know I look like a woman, but I still don't
understand this particular side of womanhood. I have had clothes I have
been wearing for the past ten years, granted they have a few holes, but
they do the job. I was sure to keep my mouth shut though, not wanting her
to walk off and leave me to this completely foreign wardrobe. Karen was
fussing about holding various dresses and jeans up to me, finally settling
on a long floral summer dress with exposed back, the neck secured by tying
a bow behind the neck which effectively was supposed to hold your boobs in
and keep it up. I think she called it a halter neck or something like
that. Karen laid the dress on the bed and looked at me again "I don't know
if my bras will fit you, your breasts are at least a size bigger than mine,
but we'll give it a go" She has then got a bra and g-string out of her
drawer, it was a lacy red number, I had bought for her about a year ago. I
put the young preeteen pictures g-string on and was amazed at how comfortable it was, I always
thought I would be picking something like that out of my butt all day long,
but it sat there very nicely. Next came the bras, Karen xxx youngteens uncensored
stood behind me as
I slipped my arms through the straps, she has then adjusted the straps
until it sat nicely on my and secured the clasps at the back, my breasts
seemed to burst out the top, creating a deep cleavage, "first chance we get
we'll buy you some bras that fit properly" I was still looking down at the
foreign sight of my own breast and cleavage when Karen quickly undid the
bras and took it off, "why are you russian young incest taking it off?" I moaned, "well for a
start you can't wear that with this dress, and secondly unless you want to
look like a hooker with all that cleavage I think we can wait until we get
you something that fits better" she has then slipped the dress over my head
and deftly flicked my hair forward over my left shoulder tying it off
behind my neck. I was surprised at how well it supported my new breasts,
it definitely felt strange wearing a dress, almost as if I had nothing on,
with the way the breeze gusted up from underneath. Once again I felt
strangely aroused, female clothes were so sensual."Now sit" I sat obediently as Karen rushed back into the bathroom, emerging
with her makeup bag and jewellery box. Oh no what did she plan on now.
Before I knew it I had a set of dangling beaded earrings hanging from each
lobe, coupled with a set of diamond studs that I took out earlier. Next
came a necklace to match the beaded earrings. Karen was working as if
possessed; my hair was gathered up and secured in place with a large hair
clip, she used hair spray to splay the ends out which felt like I had
feathers sticking out of the top of my head, I started to complain but was
quickly silenced. Next I was told to shut my eyes and shut up, I did as I
was told and felt something being applied to my face, "Right open your
eyes, look up, down, ok" She had applied mascara to my lashes and eyeliner
and foundation and lipstick and and and and, young amateur nipple
the process was amazing, I'm
glad I don't have to do this everyday, or at least I hope I don't have to
do young rape nudes it everyday.I stood up and was ushered in front of a mirror, I was stunned beyond
belief, the girl looking at me was amazingly beautiful, I just stared at
myself as Karen said "You like?" I gasped "I just can't believe that
yesterday I was a man and today I look like this" "which takes us back to
why you look like that, let's go and find out"It was a short trip into town, and to young girls pussie
Chantelle's shop, we walked in and
one of Chantelle's girls came up to us "Hi ladies, how can I help you?",
Karen piped up "We would like to speak with Chantelle in private please",
"Ok, I'll just get her" The young girl walked out the back and shortly
after came back with Chantelle, Chantelle had a twinkle young incest galleries in her eye and a
slight smile on her face when she saw me. Immediately several methods of
killing a human being came to mind. As if sensing my murderous desire
Karen took a hold of my hand. "Darlings, how are you Karen, and who may
your friend be?" Chantelle loved this. "Chantelle this is my sister Peta, I
just wanted to speak with you in private if that is alright?" Karen replied
smoothly. "Of course, follow me Karen and Peta!" We followed her to the
back office, I was still thinking about how to kill her quickly and get out
of there, but Karen firmly held my hand, preventing my male self nudist youngest pictures
taking over.Chantelle closed the door and we all sat down, "So Duncan, how do you like
the new you, if I may say, you turned out far more beautiful than I
expected", I couldn't hold back "Fuck you bitch", Karen slapped my arm, "do
you want to spend the rest of your life like that" "Now Chantelle, why did
you do this and how can we change Duncan back?" Chantelle looked at me with
amusement and resentment in her eyes "I did young girls flashing this so Duncan could learn a
valuable lesson, he is a nice man, but there is more to being a loving
husband than just being a nice man, he must understand a woman, instead of
calling you crazy, he must sympathise with the way you feel, I have given
both of you a gift, the only way for Duncan to reclaim his old life is to
understand what all women try to explain to men on a daily basis, nude young nymphs
once he
understands this and can explain it to me with no young girls flashing colourful language, I
will then consider changing him back""How long will that take!" I groaned, "a day, a month, maybe years, women
spend years going through puberty trying to understand the changes
occurring to their body, I young preeteen pictures
would be reluctant to say that it will be
quicker for you, after all you need to start thinking as a woman before you
can start trying to understand a woman" Karen was sitting quietly, hanging
off every word that was coming from this evil woman's mouth, she can't of
seriously been taking all this crap in.Karen slowly asked young nude 14 Chantelle "That is very noble of you, but I didn't ask
for the help, and I wouldn't have expected you to make him into such a
beautiful woman""Well I could sense your need for help from the moment I met you, you
tolerated Duncan's childish ways, and because of your love for him the
desperation for help oozed from your every pore, as for how great looking
he is, well that has taken me a bit by surprise. The spell I cast on him
reacts with the bodies willingness to accept the change, the beauty that
the spell creates is a rape young complete correlation with the desire for the subject
to be a woman, obviously deep down Duncan has always wished to be a member
of the fairer sex, unfortunately he has pushed this down over the years
over compensating with manly pursuits""This is crap, Karen you can't be soaking this shit up" "Shut up Duncan,
you have been given a chance to be what you always have wanted to be, a
woman?" "I have never wanted to be a woman, I want to be a man and that's
that""Well children it looks as though you will be spending quite some time
finding your true selves, I will gladly change you back Duncan, but only
when you have my answer, until then enjoy your womanhood" Chantelle has
stood up effectively ending the conversation, I stood and stormed out of
the office, looking over my shoulder to see Karen give Chantelle a hug and
thank her for her concern, Bloody women!I walked out to the car and got in, waiting for Karen to come out of her
new buddy's shop. I was fuming, how the hell was I going to keep my job,
how was I going to explain this to my friends, I was at a loss, I could
feel my emotions crashing down around me again and let out a sob, damn, I
can't cry my makeup will run. I checked myself in the sun visor mirror,
hair, makeup, jewellery, what was happening to me. I firmly jammed the
female tendencies and brought my belligerent male self to the surface. This
wasn't working, while thinking as a male I felt ridiculous, thinking as a
girl, which was slowly starting to embrace me felt somehow natural.Karen got into the car and silently drove me home.

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